Guide me on setting up skips on Build

Thanks i managed to set aggregate and did a test run on data collection. However could guide me on setting up skips to reduce on time wasting

CARITAS_FILP_HH_Profile_Tool_13.06.18_EDIT.doc (276 KB)
This my original questionnaire attached and the xml fileFilpV01_HH_2018 (1).xml (145.2 KB)
Please help

Hi @God76

It seems you have not invested sometime in the available resources. Please checkout the documentation.

For the skips you need to learn how to apply conditons to questions. Check this link. I advice you so check the whole page

thank you i have tried to read and follow the video tutorials as well. However i am not a Gig so figuring out $ < = is time consuming but once you help me just like ODK build is configured i can maneuver. Just guide me on what to do in the ODK to create the skips in the relevance box. see my xml and word questionnaire attached. regards

The best documentation we have for now is the one @dicksonsamwel has pointed to. Unfortunately we don't have great Build documentation at the moment though it would be something great to add. The only change you will need to make is that Build does not support the ${} way to refer to other questions that XLSForm has. In that documentation, where you see something like ${age}, replace it with /data/age. You always start with /data/ followed by the name of the question.

The tricky thing to keep in mind is that you're writing the condition for when the question should be shown, not for when it should be skipped. I usually think of it as "This question/group should be shown when ______".

Your conditions will go in the "Relevance" section of the "Advanced" menu in Build:

I have filed an issue to improve the Build documentation to include this:

And another one to provide more context in Build itself:

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