Happy new year from the SurveyCTO team


Happy New Year!

And to all of those in the ODK community who supported us in 2013: THANK

We began the year with just one pilot project in India, and we ended it
with over 250,000 surveys having been filled out in over a dozen countries.
Our clients are doing inspiring work the world over, and we're grateful for
the opportunity to play a very small supporting role.

We’re also happy to end 2013 with the release of SurveyCTO v1.17, which
responds to many recent customer requests. It includes new export features
for data visualization and analysis (namely, the ability to securely export
subsets of data to Google Earth and www.StatWing.com), the option to
hyperlink field references, the ability to download a printable version of
survey forms, support for users to add free-form comments as they fill out
forms, offline XLSForm validation, and more.

See https://www.surveycto.com/support/release-notes.html for details on
this and other releases.

We’ve scaled up our development efforts for 2014, and we look forward to
further supporting our clients with an ever-more-useful product.

Thanks again, and all the best,

Chris, Meletis, Mihaela, and the rest of the SurveyCTO team