Help for consent question

good afternoon .
I am building a form, and at the beginning I make a consent question (select_one si_no) where I ask if it accepts to participate, if the answer is no, it should send me to the final part of the form with the sequence selected(${consent}, 'No'), however when I test it does not work, is it because I am making a group, can someone help me.

Hi @Jairo_Hidalgo_Garcia,
You can skip questions or groups using relevant.
This example could be useful. You would need to apply this relevant to every single question or group of questions you want to skip.


I have made this condition, but the question I ask at the beginning does not work when I say No, it should go to the end of the survey.

If you post your XLSForm, someone may be able to troubleshoot.

Here is a working example of using relevant on a group: survey_consent_example.xlsx (9.7 KB)

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