Help in measuring the time a respondent spends throughout the questionnaire in different parts of the questionnaire

I have a long questionnare and it has 5 main parts. How can I measure the time a respondent spends in each part? so i need to know how much time does he spend on each part. i have seen other softwares
from that companies do this and i need to know if i can do it with odk. for example i want to know that at section A the respondent spend 5 minutes, at sec B he spend 7 minutes and so on.
if my question is unclear please feel free to ask for more details

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Please respond. Need help as soon as possible!!!!

When calculating durations there are several options. You can use metadata to capture start and end and then calculate the total length in your data processing. Note that if the form is saved and the reopened for review before submission, this will change the end time. This won't help with measuring duration of different survey parts.

For your need, you can use lightweight timestamping, or you can use a form audit log.

Hint: end will also change when you edit a submission on server level.