Help me to us CSV

Please help me to solve my problem.
In the project (600 interviews), which is conducted in 4 regions of Georgia, various types of organizations are questioned about vacancies and the requirements for filling them (approximately).
One of the questions in the questionnaire is (organization identification code), region, address, name, etc.
In addition, we have the "Official Database of Organizations" where there is "Organization Identification Code" and other data.
Question and request. Is it possible to enter the "organization code" in the questionnaire to display relevant data from the "base" in the following questions?
I hope I was able to formulate my question clearly.
Thank you in advance for your help.
data_short_ID.csv (2.8 MB)
ARC_2023_01.xlsx (16.4 KB)

You will want to use pulldata().

Here is an example from your files:
pulldata_example.xlsx (13.2 KB)
data_short_ID.csv (186.9 KB)

Thank you very much for this prompt response.
I will try to find out to the end and I hope for help in case of questions.
Best wishes

I would be very grateful if you could find a few minutes and help me decide on this option.
Thank you in advance for your help.
data_short_ID.csv (1.0 KB)
pulldata_example.xlsx (13.5 KB)

pulldata(1, 2, 3, 4)

  1. the name of the CSV file (without the file extension)
  2. the column header from the CSV for the data you want to pull
  3. the column header from the CSV for the data that is your lookup key
  4. the value from your survey that you want to use to look for a match in the CSV

So in your example...

  1. 'data_short_ID' since you CSV file is "data_short_ID.csv"
  2. i did not test with the Georgian(?) script in your original CSV file but in my example there is a column in the CSV that i have renamed to "field1"
  3. i renamed the column in the CSV with the numeric identification codes to "id_number"
  4. the survey question asking for the identification number has a name of "identification_code" and you can reference the answer to it using the dollar sign and curly brackets like so: ${identification_code}

So that's why the calculation is...
pulldata('data_short_ID', 'field1', 'id_number', ${identification_code})

You should be able to adjust the different pieces as needed. Give it a try!

Thank you very much for your attention.
I hope I understand everything and will not bother you more about this matter.