Help needed to clean up Collect issue list

Hi all,

Nafundi has done a quick triage of existing Collect issues at The count is now down
to 148, a big 17% reduction!

We've also added a more detailed read me, an issue template, and a
contribution guide to make it easier for you to get started
contributing to Collect.

Here are two ways you can help with our efforts and start earning
commit privileges.

  1. We have labeled a few issues as 'quick win' and these would be a
    fantastic place to start for a new contributor:

If you want to give one of these a shot but aren't sure where to
start, don't hesitate to comment on the issue to get help.

  1. Another way to help would be to try to reproduce issues with the
    'needs reproduction' label:

Try to reproduce the issue on your device and write a comment about
what you find. If you want to dive in deeper, here is a fantastic
example of a thorough attempted reproduction (Thanks Brent!)

Thanks and see you on the issue tracker,