Help needed with choice filter

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Hello. I want to use multiple criteria for assembling a select_one_external list similar to the attached screenshot of csv form. The screenshot is part of a much bigger csv and is used in other sections of the form.

As an example, the skectch bellow is the select_one_external list I want to assemble based on the following 3 options. G, TRN, All

I have the following variables, and this is verified by using a note question.
calculate question ${code} with a value of TRN
calculate question ${code_generic} with a value of G
hidden question ${code_all} with a default value of All

then i tried various variations of the filter function
option = ${code} and ${code_generic} and ${code_all}
option = ${code} and option=${code_generic} and option={code_all}
option = concat(${code}, ', ', ${code_generic}, ', All')

I cannot assemble the list I wanted.

Any help would be awesome. Thanks
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Hi @RaffyM,

maybe this recent discussion wil help you as it seems to be the same need applied to an other context :

I am attaching a small part of my form, the choices in the external_choices sheet are actual choices in my form.

example form.xlsx (10.9 KB)

i have 3 variables with assigned value
${gear_code} -> TRN
${gear_code_generic} -> G
${gear_all) -> All

My problem is I have a select_one_external question. The choices in this question must rows whose values in the option column match any of the 3 variables. The result I want to see is something similar to:

spec select list

The first 4 items match the All option
The next 4 items match the G option
The last 2 items match the TRN option

The help I need is how to construct the choice_filter using the 3 mentioned variables so that I can assemble a select_one similar to the example shown.

Here are some of my attempts.
option=${gear_code} and ${gear_code_generic} and ${gear_all} - don't work
option = ${gear_code} and option=${gear_code_generic} and option=${gear_all} - don't work
option = concat(${gear_code}, ', ', ${gear_code_generic}, ', ', ${gear_all}) - dont work

The ones below works, partially, but the form constructed is incomplete.
option = ${gear_code}
option = ${gear_code_generic}

Thanks again to the community

Hi. I replied to my own question and perhaps made my request clearer. Do you know how to write the choice_filter so that I can create the widget that I need?


I'll take some more time at the end of the days but I think your logical test can't work because because you ask "option" to match three different values with the AND operator as if you were asking for

x = 1 AND x = 2 AND x = 3 

So you should try

option = ${gear_code} OR option = ${gear_code_generic} OR option = ${gear_all}

I tried your example using the attached xlsform that I sent and it does not return any items. I hope that what I need is supported by ODK because if it were not, the alternative that I can think of would mean a drastic increase in the number of rows in the external_choices csv file.


HI @RaffyM,
Can you share your form with the csv file, or a part of it ?

Thanks for looking at this. Please look at this simplified version of the xlsform. The values of the 3 variables, ${gear_code}, ${gear_code_generic}, and ${gear_all} are all assigned using a hidden question and set using the default column.

example form.xlsx (11.8 KB)

For the choice_filter, if i use option=${gear_code} it will work but the resulting form is incomplete. The same incomplete results also if I use option=${gear_code_generic} or if I use option=${gear_all}.

But when I use
option = ${gear_code} OR option = ${gear_code_generic} OR option = ${gear_all} I get an empty result.

Thanks again.

Hi @mathieubossaert, I just replied. Sorry, I had to research how to link your name using @username

I'm sorry but I can't get it work. I do not understand why logical tests are giving a wrong lists with external data.
I can get it work using choices sheet :
raffyM_filter_3.xlsx (9.3 KB)
But not with external choices :
raffyM_filter_2.xlsx (10.9 KB)

I had to change you T category to TTT to avoid having T matching TRN.

Thanks @mathieubossaert. I feel that it is a requirement that the choices should be in an external_list so that when effort_spec is modified, we only need to update the itemsets.csv and not the form. I already have an alternative in mind, one that does not use inheritance. It will make the the number of rows belonging to effort_spec much longer though.

Do you think what I wanted to happen is unsupported in the current version of ODK?

Finally it is quite the same if you want to update it on the server.