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Am Stephen Kumwenda from Malawi, Southern Africa. We have a project for Ministry of Health in which we are to map the hard to reach areas in Immunization services in Malawi. We have opted to use ODK for the exercise. So for each hard to reach area, we are supposed to collection GPS Coordinates. The objective is to collect the GPS points for hard to reach areas, the health facilities serving the hard to reach area and the DHO coordinates and then estimate the distance between DHO and Health Facility , then between Health facility and Hard to reach areas. On this we have decided just to collect GPS points using ODK Collect rather than Geo ODK because its just a coordinates, then import in Arch Map or Google Earth to estimate the distances between DHO, Health Facility and Hard to Reach Area.

We have decided to use Cascades to narrow down the responses. The challenge is in setting up the cascades for Health Facility and Hard to Reach Area. We have one cascade worksheet, but if we impose a cascading_select command, its not able to convert the form. Would
you assist, below is the attached.

Hard_to_reach_areas_gps_form.xlsx (131.7 KB)

I haven't seen a cascading select done the way you have it in your form. The links below have working examples. Try taking a look at those and let us know if you have questions.

Here's an example for administrative areas in Mozambique:
example-moz-cascading-select.xlsx (30.8 KB)

The ODK docs have an example using job_categories, and job_titles:

The XLSForm docs have an example using state, county, and city:

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Thank you very much, it has worked