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1. What is the problem? Be very detailed.
I am developing a form that includes a question where the enumerator makes a count of different options I.e. the form question is how many of these fish types have been harvested today? There are 3 options: tilapia, Nile perch or others. The enumerator is supposed to click on the option as many times to reach the desired number as this process is taking place in real time.
Is there a form widget that can help create this scenario (options can be “counted in real-time” within the same question. So that I am able to get number values for each fish type (options) at the end of this question. For example; If tilapia option is selected 3 times, I have 3 as the value for tilapia.
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3. What you have you tried to fix the problem?

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Hi @Markkiffe
welcome to the forum! Please introduce yourself here!

We would like to help but your description is not super clear could you provide a sample like step by step?

Apologies for that. I am a researcher from Uganda and I have been using ODK for about 2 years with my colleagues although I wasn’t very hands on.
I need some help on whether a widget exists to create a question that helps one to make counts of various options. I am collecting data on fish types harvested daily. Imagine a question that has 3 fish type options: Nile perch, tilapia and silver fish. As different fish is harvested, The enumerator needs to log each fish type as it happens by selecting buttons with the corresponding fish name e.g. Tilapia, Nile perch which are the response options for that question. That way by selecting the appropriate option as many times as he counts the fish type in real time. That way I can have a final data set with the number of each fish type harvested that day.

Is there a widget that can create this scenario to help my enumerator convey the number of each fish type to me by clicking as many times as he counts.

So you need something like a counter with +/- buttons? We have such a functionality but it's based on a separate app ODK Counter
So you could have thee questions which would start ODK Counter. If it's what you need I can help with a sample form.

The counter sounds useful yes. I thought there was a way to have those 3 questions merged into one. Since separating them would mean someone had to shift between them each time a different fish type needs to be counted. I was imagining a single question but each of the three options has its own counter buttons (+/-).
Is that possible?

But sharing that form you have would be great. :+1:

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I was imagining a single question but each of the three options has its own counter buttons (+/-).

No, it's not possible if we had such a build-in counter we could use field-list appearance to put all the questions on one screen then it would look like:
but still it wouldn't be one question. What you can achieve with ODK Collect + ODK Counter would be:
and every button would start ODK Counter. Are you interested in it?

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Ohh I see.
I guess I’ll make due with the three separate questions that launch ODK counter. Thank you for your help.
Also is it possible to add my custom images (sketches of fish types) to the question prompt but maintain the same counter buttons as before?

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In this case the only option would be to add images to each question it would be visible above every single button, you can achieve it using media
after clicking a button ODK Counter will show up and there you can't use images, just text to describe what you are counting.

Thank you. You were very helpful and I apologise for the late response. Also I figured out how to by pass the need for ODK counter. I just used a vertical slider with integers. I now am working on a separate form and was wondering if I can still pick your brain on this very thread.

Of course, don't hesitate to ask.

Hello, I am designing a form and I am receiving an error message when uploading my XLS form into the XLS Form online ( The error message reads "The following language declarations do not contain valid machine-readable codes: English.

Despite this, my form is running as expected on the enketo preview but the form isn't available on my android device after pulling it from the Google sheets.

one choice traffic.xlsx (11.3 KB)

Perhaps my code in the XLS sheet has a problem since I am using the selected() function on groups. I have attached a copy of the sheet because I have run out of ideas on what could be wrong.

Any ideas or changes would be much appreciated.


Hi @Markkiffe

it is just a warning and if you ignore it everything should be fine either way but if you want to fix it you need to and language codes so everywhere you use ::English you should use ::English (en).

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