Help on ODK timings

Dear all, I am happy joining this discussion on ODK. I am having a problem that the submission date is before the start time. How can that be possible? Does this mean that the form is submitted before the start of the form?
Thank you

I am refering to the ones selected

Hi @Abis
Thanks for reporting this issue. Could you add more details?:

  1. What tool (and version) do you use?
  2. How did you export your data to xls?
  3. Could you attach your form?
  4. In what Timezone you are and when did you fill those forms?

Thank you Grzesiek2010 for quickly getting back to me,

  1. The version is 1.19.0
  2. I used ODK briefcase
  3. I have attached the .xml form
  4. I am in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (GMT +3) newsurvey_short_final.xml (563.4 KB)

Hi @Abis,

Please can you tell as more on the tools used? I think the version provided is for odk collect, with backend so you use? Aggregate?

Hi dicksonsamwel,
The aggregate version that i am usiing is v1.7.1. Thanks

In Stata, this happens for solving these kind of problem, I usually run command order.

I identify variables which I need and then I used order command to use variables which I need most.
You can find more about order command HERE.


Thank you, iamnarendrasingh and all. The problem is solved now.