Help! Repeating new group of questions referencing only certain members from prior group

Hi there!

I am in need of some help. I have constructed a survey using XLS for use with ODK collect on an Android tablet in order to collect information on maternal and child health and survival in Uganda. One section (group) of questions collects a very basic birth history in which the respondent talks about each of her births, whether the child was alive at birth, whether the child is still alive, and how old the child is (or was when he/she died). This information is collected for all births in the past three years.

In the next section (group) of questions, I need to collect a detailed birth history only on children who are ALIVE and were born in the past 12 MONTHS. I can't get it to work--trying to tell it to repeat these questions only on EACH living children born in the past 12 months based on those respective fields. The error I get is "XPath evaluation: type mismatch This field is repeated... You may need to use the indexed-repeat() function to specify which value you want."

I've read several other forums about this error, but since what I'm trying to do references a different GROUP and two fields within that group among multiple members, the information hasn't yet helped me. Any thoughts? Any help you can would be very, very, very much appreciated. I've attached the Excel form for reference in case it's helpful.

  • Jacquie Cutts

SAFE_MCH_Practice_ODK_deletedtabs.xlsx (43 KB)