Help wanted: Google Summer of Code 2018 application 🌞

Wow, great to see all the interest in Google Summer of Code! It's going to be another great summer.

The application is due Tuesday, January 23rd at 9am PST. I have added some information to the application draft from last year's -- Please comment and offer suggestions.

We need to include a list of project ideas which I have started at Please request write permissions if you have something to add or edit. These are only preliminary and can continue to be revised once we are accepted as a mentor organization.

So far we have the following potential mentors/projects:
@ggalmazor - Briefcase enhancements
@Shobhit_Agarwal perhaps with some occasional help from @adam.butler? - peer-to-peer transfer of forms
@yanokwa, @downey, Discourse folks - plugin for mapping users; see some discussion on the Discourse forum at
@dcbriccetti - Collect/JavaRosa performance exploration and enhancement
@Jeff_Beorse - 2.0 enhancements
Potential mentors, please request access to the document above to edit your project description.

@Akshay_Patel, @Murad, @mathieubossaert have also described interesting ideas that are in search of a technical mentor!

If you have any more ideas you are interested in mentoring, please share them on this thread or add them to the ideas list.


If its possible I would like to mentor or Co-mentor for the project that I have proposed.

Yes, I can certainly provide occasional help for the p2p project!

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@Murad, mentors need to have participated in building ODK tools. If you'd like to be a mentor in the future, perhaps you can start looking at issues now and help guide potential applicants to this year's GSoC!

I'm putting final touches on the application which is due in about 12 hours. Please see and to suggest any last changes!

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Sure, I look forward to working with ODK.

Quick updates! Google has been hard at work reviewing organization applications and we will know by Monday whether we are in. On that day students will start coming by and introducing themselves and in fact, several have already! As @yanokwa mentioned on the developer call, please welcome them and help them get started if you have some time. They will primarily be in the #internships channel of the developer Slack.

The awesome team at the Digital Impact Alliance Open Source Center (@downey, @daveycrockett, etc) has provided funding for one ODK Outreachy intern. Outreachy is a program similar to GSoC that specifically targets underrepresented groups in technology. It is not limited to students so it's an opportunity to work with a different kind of contributor. The timeline is the same as for GSoC.

Let's provide the same project descriptions for Outreachy and GSoC. This will allow us to reach a broader range of possible interns. Outreachy requires mentors to submit projects through their portal. @ggalmazor, @Shobhit_Agarwal, @Jeff_Beorse, please create accounts at and submit your project ideas. You can simply copy and paste them from here but they need to be sent in by you!

And one last update on one of the project ideas we discussed -- the Discourse community has taken interest in the user map idea following the post here and are working on an implementation! I'll loop the ODK community in for feedback once there is a first pass available (especially @mistcrrgpsa and @Andrew). :world_map:


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Hi everybody!

I'm working on the submissions for Outreachy with the same projects we have submitted to gsoc. There are some questions that I feel like we could share across all the ODK projects. I've started a gdoc with what I've come up for mine, and it would be great to have your feedback/edits and make it the best we can :slight_smile:

The doc is here:

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Thank you so much, @ggalmazor! I didn't realize that you'd have to fill out that extra information. Those two descriptions look ready to submit to me. Thank you @Shobhit_Agarwal for submitting your project already, it's now available on the Outreachy portal. @Jeff_Beorse, you'll probably find @ggalmazor's answers helpful when filling out your own project description.

I recently saw another community with threads for each of their internship projects so that possible interns have a place to brainstorm. I thought that would be a good thing to try this year so we now have I made each mentor an owner of their project so that they can edit it as needed.

@yanokwa has consolidated the #gsoc and #outreachy Slack channels into one #internships channel so there's a single place for all possible interns to chat. See you there!

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Sorry guys, I missed this earlier. I'm a newcomer in this community and in this thread, so bear with me and let me know if I say anything silly. I'd be glad to be involved in this in one way or another on behalf of Namati and the Global Legal Empowerment Network (our community is powered by discourse), so do keep me posted.

Yes! We are already working on a new member and organization directory in our companion WordPress site which will have a map with filters, but I can see advantages of displaying location info in discourse as well. A challenge we have is that we historically only as country location of members, and while we do have city and country data for organizations that sometimes gets mapped incorrectly. We also deal with human rights and so do not want to require specific location data for members because of security concerns.

I love the work @angus has done with displaying location data for discourse topics, though don't have a specific use case for it in my particular community just yet. I'd love to brainstorm with people in my community about it though to see what might arise.

I also would love to brainstorm with ways to offer up ODK to members of my community as well, but that's another topic altogether.


Hi @TobiasEigen! The work on the location plugin has been started through Discourse and once there is something to show, I'm sure @angus will share it at

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Hello all! Joining here to say that I've been chatting with @TobiasEigen and colleagues with Ruby for Good about similar map / location plug-ins as well. I'm at Mapbox on our Community team, which supports non-profits and positive impact projects. If there are ways that folks from Mapbox and/or Ruby for Good (which is looking for projects for 2018!) could help with map / location related plug-ins, I'd be happy to help make that happen.


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Hi @LN
i like to volunteer to be a mentor or co-mentor of a student.i have come up with the project idea.we can make proper rest full micro service using Java or nodejs with proper DB structure .then people can easily plug and play.i can help with build the microservice. i have 4 years working experience

Thank you for your interest, @Pamuditha_Imalka! Mentors are representatives of the ODK community and must be trusted, active community members. We hope you'll join the community and be a mentor in 2019!

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Big thanks to everyone who has been involved in this internship application period! Applications closed on March 27th and I'm happy to report that we have fantastic proposals for all 4 projects we listed. Now comes the hard part -- making our final student selections.

On April 9th, Google will let us know how many Google Summer of Code students they will fund for us (up to 4). This will help determine the balance of GSoC and Outreachy interns we will have.

Mentors will have until April 12th to make decisions for Outreachy and until April 23rd for GSoC. Intern announcements will be made on April 23rd for both programs.

I'd like to do something to recognize and congratulate all applicants and to get some information from them about their experience. I'm thinking of putting together a survey with some questions about how they chose ODK, how easy/hard it was for them to get started, how welcoming they found the community, etc. We could also optionally ask for mailing addresses and send out ODK stickers! How does that sound?

And don't worry, there will be ways for everyone to get ODK stickers, too. :wink: Now I just have to get some made...


I have put together a draft of the survey at Please share your feedback! I would like to send this out to internship applicants by the end of the week.

My goals for this are to:

  • identify areas where we can improve new volunteer onboarding
  • get ideas for retaining contributors
  • get a sense of whether contributing to ODK encourages broader participation in open source
  • reward the great internship applicants we have had with a card and sticker