Hide choices in repeat group (Other specify)

Hi all
I have a list of many types of crops. It has to fill the data in the roster.
The data should be filled in a separate roster list by keeping the names of at most three others specify (eg:- other_1,others_2 and other_3) from those who are not in that list.
I have made different roster repeat group of main crops and other crops.
The main roster in the list is the main roster and the roster of others. But the main roster appears when you select the other option. Is there any solution to this?
When choosing the main crop that I want to do, both rosters should be open when choosing the main crop including the main roster and others.
Roster_other_specify_sub_roster.xlsx (15.5 KB)

Can we make it possible to select only the serial in the multiple choice list ?
The multiple answers I put are 1.Other_Specify 2. (DK). The main option chosen above should be selected first.
Roster_other_specify.xlsx (13.5 KB)