Hide Label column in ODK Collect

Are you using Collect or Enketo (Web form)?

You might use a workaround:
- Use different XLSForm versions for data collection and for final export/analysis.
- You could temporarily rename all survey and choices language columns you want to exclude to an invalid name, e.g. to XXlabel...

If your analysis is done with external tools like SPSS, you may only need to export the SPSS labels, before deactivating the language columns you want to exlude.

Another option could be to set the default language (Form settings), and add an initial mandatory acknowledge question to confirm the language and train and trust your users. But this will still allow to choose another language in the menu (at any time!).

In any case, save/download your initial complete form before changing it.

Hint: Be aware that previous used/stored jr:choice-names will not automatically update with language change. See Jr:choice-name() not re-evaluated on form language change (with further links).

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