Honduras Water Treatment Tracker ODK Implementation

Hi all,

I'm just starting to use ODK to collect drinking water quality from
treatment plant operators in 12 plants in Honduras. Using ODK, our team got
a working application collecting data in the field in just a few weeks! I
wanted to share my thanks for the ODK community and it's great tools! Also,
I would be more than happy to share more information about our project on
the https://opendatakit.org/about/deployments/
https://opendatakit.org/about/deployments/page. A short description of
the project can be found here, http://ethan92429.github.io/POST/ and very
soon more information will be up at that url. Please let me know if you are
interested in posting a link to our project web page.

Thanks so much for your help, and us on the POST (Plant Operations
Smartphone Tracker) team look forward to contributing to the ODK community.

Ethan Keller