Hosting plan

dear community members
i'm currently trying to setup aggregate on web based hosting plan with a private jvm
but getting some errors looks like that i don't have root access for web base mysql server
is there any recommended hosting plan that can solve this error ??
is VPS(virtaul private server) be an alternate option
any idea is appreciated
@yanokwa okwa


I generally host on a VPS (Digital Ocean, Vultr) and that's what I'd recommend.

tnx @yanokwa
i will go through VPS

Dear @yanokwa
i chose a VPS plan and also have my domain
so where can i get the Apatche web server version like apatche 5.5 etc web-app directory that needd to copy ODKAggregate.war file
and lib that need to copy mysql-connector-5.5/j and all
thanks in advance

Please follow the installation directions at