How can i extract save data from tab?

In the xls file, I mistakenly make a 'note' row mandatory. as a result of this mistake, enumerators could not able to send data after finishing the survey. they saved data in the Android tab. I need to extract the saved data from the android tab. If anyone has any idea, Please help me ... it's really urgent

For your kind information, i am using kobo collect softwer for collecting data.

Hi @Syed_Mizanur_Rahaman,

The template provides a guide of information required so that the community can help you. Please fill the template as your title is unclear...

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@Syed_Mizanur_Rahaman The short answer is to use ODK Briefcase. Note that KoboCollect is an old fork of ODK Collect so it may or may not work with our current version of ODK Briefcase.

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Thanks a lot. I will try the method and let you know...