How can I see a form on my computer?

Dear ODK user greetings
can we test XML type of ODK form on PC?
when we develop a form, we should then send it to smart phone to test, and my computer can not open this file, this issue is time consuming, do we need any application for enebaling computer to open XML file? i mean how can we fill ODK XML file in my PC.
thanks in advance.

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You can fill ODK forms using a web browser and Enketo. Is that what you had in mind?

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first of all thank you so much for your prompt response Mr. @yanokwa , then, i will try, than will answer.

Dear @yanokwa, i think Enketo is something else, i need an offline application which could open XML file on my PC the same like it open in smart phone, and which enable us to fill the form via computer. is it possible?

you can download and install bluestacks on your computer and install ODK Collect on it, with his you will be able to view the form as it is on the smart phone.


As @Fabla says, there is software to run Android applications on desktop computers. You may find the documentation at helpful.

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