How to add search option in ODK build forms to aid searching of large datasets

Good day world,
Am excited to be here with great intellectuals with a burning passion to add value to the world through accurate concise data acquisition.
I use ODK diversely to accurately pick every type of data.However i have a little challenge i am unable to search through the application when i load large dataset in the application.I need to understand how i can activate search option on the form application

Not sure what you want to use the search for. We have implemented a search to filter the choice list in a select_one list from a large csv file. The way we do it is as follows:
Create a text field in the form called srchstr
use this srchstr in the appearance field of the select_one question to filter the list. The attached picture explains it better

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Apologies, I have just noticed you are using ODK Build. I am using forms designed in Excel and converting with XLSForm. Not sure how to do this in Build.

Hi Raghu,
I am having a problem related to what Ahsan explained i have a form i built on odk build with so many option i want to be able to search through my options and save time when collecting data, pls sir help how to i add search option pls

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Hi @peter1

Which widget do you use? If it's SelectOne you can use search appearance, there is an example in AllWidgets form.

Thanks Grzesiek i appreciate your response please i used the select one option for the files i loaded into the ODK build file.
I built the form with odk build, am used to building all my forms with ODK build file form,
however am open to learning how to build XML forms what tool do i use in building the XML file

Hi @peter1

As a you are open to learn, i would advice you to go with XLS rather than than XML. There is not specific tool for XML, you can do it even in text editor such as notepad, you just have to know what to write.
There is a great resource online to help you get started. Check out:



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Thanks dickson,
I read the document on the list i have started practicing, however i have some questions
1)How do i keep adding choices tables to the list when i want to create more than one choices dropdown question.
2)How do i export out of excel after building; i tried exporting the file in an xml excel format after which i tried uploading on the odk aggregate server and it gave me some error messages.

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Good, keep reading the documentation. All of the stuffs are in there.

  1. Clarify more what you want to achieve, if possible with examples

  2. That is not how it is done, you need to do that with another tool.Check this link

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