HOW TO build XLS files with more than three search questions/ How to export XLS files built on Excel to the aggregate server

Hi world,
ODK is a great data collection tool with endless propect and possibilities.
Friends i develop ODK forms using odk build web application.However i learnt about building XLS files through members on this platform, am exploring building XLS files through microsoft excel however am having some challenges.
1)I want to add more than three choices where i will include search for some questions how do i go about this(I would love a sample form that includes search widget to aid me in developing the XLS forms.
2)In what format do i export files after building in excel to enable me upload on the ODK server.
Thanks Guys

Hi @peter1

  1. Here is an example:

  2. You just need to convert your xlsx file using, for example, our online tool: an output file is .xml that you can use.

Just for completeness, there is also an offline version of the XLSForm tool at this address:


Just for more completeness, there is also a command line tool:

Docs here:

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