How to create a complete copy backup?

Hi all,
I am reading about how to make a backup, I have made a backup of :

  • database
  • redis
  • API
    But I have seen in the doc (In general, we recommend making a full system backup.) that this is not enough to make a full ODK backup.
    How do I a full system backup?

Technically backing up database and redis cache should be enough but you should dry run the restore process to have the full confidence that your data is safe.

Advantage of full system backup is that it is easy to backup and restore. If you are running ODK Central on a cloud environments like AWS, Azure or Digital Ocean then each provide single-click option to backup and restore Instance (VM) Snapshot.

If you are running ODK Central on-premise then I hope you are running it in a virtualization environment using VMWare or VirtualBox. In that case you can take the snapshot of your VM.

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Hi @Sadiq_Khoja ,
Thank you for your response,
I also understood that that was enough, but then I saw that regenerating the public links might not be enough.
As for making a copy of the VM Snapshot., it seems to me an overkill . On that server there are other applications, it is not an option to do a full restore.