How to debug when editing strings and strings

Hi there.
I am relatively new to android so apologies if I am using the incorrect terminology. Please bear with me.

I am trying to edit a few strings, however, when I debug it seems to be pulling in the strings and styles from a source I cannot find.

I presume this is a setting or how would I set up my dev environment to allow this.

Your support would be appreciated.

Hi @Donavan_Wallis

welcome to the forum! Please introduce yourself here!

could you be more specific? What you tried and what didn't work for you?

Hi @Grzesiek2010 will do.

To be more specific.
I have a NGO that would like to me to change some wording on the app.
I understand that everything should be changed in the strings.
In my design preview on android studio. All the changes reflect.

However, when I build the app or try and debug it in my emulator. The defualt "Out the box" language strings and styles are only showing.

My changes are not showing.

It is like it is pulling the resources from a different folder or something

We support multiple languages (strings files then are placed in a dir like values-pl for example for Poland). Are you sure you have edited strings in the file that is linked withe the language you are using?