How to Ensure Manually Entered Barcode Values Match?

Hi, I’m using ODK Collect on an Android Nexus 7 (Android version 6.0.1). In the field (Zambia), the barcode scanner occasionally will not work, so I need to manually enter barcode IDs in the survey. I am doing dual data entry to ensure the barcodes I enter match each other (one entry is MANUAL_ID the other entry is MANUAL_ID2).

Is there a way to use relevant/constraint so that I can ensure that the manually entered study IDs match each other? I tried using =${MANUAL_ID} in constraint for MANUAL_ID2, but excel didn't like that much!
Thanks! Amy

Hi @plamaK
is this barcode.xlsx (6.1 KB)
what you need?


Yes - this works perfectly! Thanks very much.