How to link a question inside one repeat group from another repeat group under "relevance"

Hi, i'm trying to create a survey form in which i need to collect the name of the households and ask series of questions about them under different headings. But I am having problem when filling the form on phone due to some questions which is relevant for female only, which i have to link to a question previously asked under the first repeat group. please how can i solve this problem.nassco_script.xlsx (51.8 KB). please help check question E6a and E6b under "relevance" in the above uploaded form. i do not know what to put there. please help

Hi @matolab

I think you are referring to variables C6a and C6b.

I suggest you proceed in a similar way to the name3 variable:

  • create a new calculated field with the gender of the household member
  • you use this new variable in the relevant condition.

Btw, I think you want to correct the label of var C6 from (NAME) to ${name3}

I hope this helps!


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Thanks so much it really helps

Hi @matolab,

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