How to link from ODK output form to media stored in Google Drive

Hi There,

I was wondering if anyone had a solution that enabled them to easily create
links from an ODK output form (stored in Google Drive) to media (photos)
stored in Google Drive?

I use repeating groups in my forms that I need to query and to subsequently
edit (add additional lab data). I think the only ways to achieve this are
to either (i) download via the Briefcase and then export csv and media
or (ii) *publish directly from the aggregate server to Google
spreadsheet? *Both methods give me a single spreadsheet that contain all
the repeat data (instead of links to separate repeat tables). Has anyone
got another method?

With method (i) (download via the Briefcase and then export csv and media
) I end up with relative links in the csv file to the local media
folder that contains all the photos (Column "L" in spreadsheet):

Link to spreadsheet:

With method (ii) (publish directly from the aggregate server to Google
) I end up with links back to the photos stored on the
aggregate server (Column "M" in spreadsheet).

I would like to replace these links with the onese in Column "N" (in green).

Hopefully this makes sense.

Thanking you in advance for your help.




I imagine you've long found the answer by now. I've done this in a roundabout way using an extension in Google Sheets called "GDrive Explorer" which scans your google drive and makes a spreadsheet with a couple columns, a unique identifier, the file name, and the file URL. Using these, you can do method i where you have relative links that will have the exact name of your file that you are looking for. You can use a Vlookup or Match Index combination with the relative file name to find the matching URL in the GDrive Explorer table. You might have to do a little playing around to make sure the relative path matches the file name exactly but just extract everything to the right of the last /.

Better late than never!