How to load json data dynamically in external_choices

Hello, community. I am new in ODK forms. I just want to ask how can I load JSON data in my external_choices at run time dynamically.
Example: I want to load data based on district_id. In my one district, there are 2000 villages, and I have 40 districts in my state. Feeding 40*2000=80000 villages in external_choices and loading it at run time is very ram consuming. So in my case, I'll just want to pass the district_id in my query parameter and villages belonging to that district will be fetched from JSON and loaded into external_choices. Can anybody help how I can achieve it?

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Answering your question: it's not possible to load json data. You need to convert into it to csv and then filter using your ID and search function

@Grzesiek2010 thank you for your response. Do you have any examples of it? Because I am new into it so not able to understand it. Thank you

Maybe I have something but I'm being on vacation now writing this from my phone so can't check but if you don't understand in you can watch this video
Or browse this forum, I'm sure there are some similar topics here.

Hi @Ashish_Mishra,

There are many threads that can help you with this. You can start by checking out this

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