How to lock GPS accuracy

i want a gps location minimum 5 meter in accuracy,if user go next without getting accuracy <=5 then odk collect should be show a error message

i am using ODK Collect Latest, ODK Aggregate 1.7.3 - App Engine, Android 8.1.0

I have tried "body::accuracyThreshold" and value is 5

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You need to add one column which is "constraint" and in this column you need to type "selected-at(.,3)<5"

My code is in the Blue Color Text box.
Check and let me know if it works.

If this works mark this as solutions.


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Hi all,

Just to comment two things:

1- Constraint position as is displayed in image is in the wrong row. It should be at row 10 (geopoint)

2- To understand reason behind this constraint, it is because geopoint is saved as 4 values [lat lot alt accuracy] then you can access values similar like you do for select_multiple. So selected-at(.,3) refers to to 4th value: accuracy.

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