How to popout a value for the next question

Hi all,

I have one question. My first question is select_one type and my second question is an integer. what I want is I just want the selected choice number to be preloaded on the second question.

can you help me

Thank you

Hi @YO

Calculations are used to solve problems like that:
calcTest.xlsx (8.0 KB)

Thank you So much. It works!!!

If this is what you want, do make sure you make the question read-only! A user will not be able to modify that answer. Even if it looks like they change it, the calculation will always be executed on form save and will revert to the value from the prior question.

If what you instead want is to set a default based on the previous questions and allow the user to change it, take a look at documentation on dynamic defaults. There's a paragraph there about why you can't use the calculation on its own to achieve that behavior.