How to prompt to explain comments if the selection is other

Hi all,
I have some notes in the pick list to pick for my question response, actually the syntax for the question is select_multiple it’s working well, but in the pick list I have (other) option, so the question requirement is this if it’s other please explain, so anyone could support me how to adjust this in KoboToolbox when I am selecting other automatically prompt for explaining section.

Here in the below is my pick list:

1-Need to work and earn money
2-Fear of violence on the way to school
3-Fear of violence at school (from school teachers/staff – corporal punishment)
4-Harassment/bullying (from other students)
5-Lack of proper WASH facilities
6-Child marriage
6-Not a priority for the family


I am not familiar with Kobo Toolbox; however, I believe you can simply use skip logic for a conditional question.


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XLSForm provides a shortcut/macro called or_other which adds an additional question to your select question to enter a value when the user selects 'other'. Unfortunately, AKAIK KoboToolbox does not expose this option via its GUI, so you must explicitly add this additional dependent question yourself when constructing your form in Kobo.

Basically, in Kobo you must add an option to your select_many question, eg ${my_select_many} with the value "other", and then add a subsequent question - probably text input - to your form with a 'skip logic' (aka relevant) expression of:


This question is displayed if-and-only-if the user selected 'other', and allows them to enter their actual value for other. See selected() for details.

Attached is an example form you should be able to import into Kobo to see how it works:

kobo_select_other.xls (5.5 KB)

So @A.N.M_AL-IMRAN is right on the money when he says you need to use skip logic :slight_smile: