How to provide filter for different user?

I have a project in 10 districts and I want A1 data to be seen by A1 member only and B1 data by B1 member. please help me to solve this problem.

Hello @Knightrider,
do you mean the results of the survey or do you mean answer options within the survey?

Hi Knightrider
Think in case you have 10 sets of questions and you want each group to answer a certain part of them
I propose a specific code action for each group, and create a question called Q_code
The condition worked in
According to the input code, the questions appear
/ data / Q_code 'code'
Assuming that the group A code is 10101
The questions that appear for group A are set by the condition
/ data / Q_code '10101'

Dear @Knightrider,

I am not sure which tool you are using, 1.0 vs. 2.0, but in 2.0 you can use row access filters (section here):

so that users can see only "their" data if it is a question of observations rather than questions.



@tawfikypc2017 @elmps2018 thank you for the reply.
the answer I want if I click on the map of India then maharashtra then Mumbai. As I clicked on Mumbai, the data of Mumbai should only be displayed. And in FORM filter Mumbai should only be displayed not other.

This sounds like you need a cascading select. Have you looked at and the sample form there?