How to remove group names when you generate the do file by using ODKmeta

I am using odkmeta to generate do file for exporting data from odk central. I have used odk briefcase v1.18. The issue that I have when I run the commend to create do file, the do file brings variable names attached with group names and it doesn't allow stata for labelling the variables.

is there the way to remove group names in the do file generated by using ODKmeta?
I have used this command but they are not supporting me.

foreach var of varlist _all {
if ":char var'[Odk_group]'" != "" {
local name = ":char var'[Odk_name]'" + ///
cond(:char var'[Odk_is_other]', "_other", "") + ///
":char var'[Odk_geopoint]'"
local newvar = strtoname("name'") capture rename var' `newvar'


Group name in the red box

I use odk2stata , command and this command automatically remove all notes and unnecessary text inpout also labbed data correctly.
Here is documentation link :

Have a look if you are having issue feel free to ask with me.


Thank you,

I just need your support sir, just how to install it

Follow documentation which i shared in above post.

I am familiar with jupyter not pypi python. can you provided an documentation on how to use pypi

Install odk2stata from PyPI with: