How to select_one referencing a group within a repeat?

I'm trying to input household member information in one repeat group, and have that info appear in a later group for a select_one response. I have attached an abbreviated ODK Form that is a version of my much larger questionnaire, which works to do what I want, called "works.xlsx."

Unfortunately, when I add a group within the repeat, (as I've done in doesn't_work.xlsx), which I will need to do in my official questionnaire - to which I'm trying to add this functionality - I change the relevant pathway in D12 and, I get this error when I try to convert to xlm:

member's binding [${group}] is within the scope of a repeat that is not its closest containing repeat!

Any guidance of how to reference select_one that is within both a group AND and a repeat, is very welcome. Thank you! works.xlsx (11.0 KB) doesn't_work.xlsx (11.1 KB)