How to send data from android to ODK Form?

when you start a odk form from android app it is used:

Intent i = Intent(Intent.ACTION_EDIT, [formUri]);

there is a way to send data to that form?
I mean, something like:

Intent i = Intent(Intent.ACTION_EDIT, [formUri]);

and how i get this data from odk form?

Hi @Carlos_Aguilar
welcome to the forum! Please introduce yourself here!

regarding your question: Something like that doesn't work in Collect. You can try if you fork on your own fork but why? Can't you use default values? What is your scenario?

Hi Grzeisek, thanks for the reply.

I am involved in an application that needs a login screen. Within the application, we implement several ODK forms and in those forms we use the "username" metadata to deploy custom data.

so... We need the login screen to change these metadata.

We accomplished this by changing the source code, but we wanted to know if there is a way to make this change without touching the code