How to separate aggregate of weeks in series and find percentage of each location that makes to a single aggregate

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I need you to help please,
by using ODK can someone find the total of data of positive cases collected per week in different health facilities and then find the percentage for each according to their location? and also automatically terminate data collected per week to ensure they do not integrate with data of the following week.
for example, Data is collected from patients of villages a, b and c, after a week, I want to view a percentage data of each positive case each village contributes to a total. also, I want data of the following week not to integrate with data of the previous week, so I have these percentages weekly. Can someone help, please?
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ODK itself will not do the analysis for you. But it is certainly possible to design a survey form that provides all the data you need to do the analysis. For example, you can automatically collect metadata such as the date the form is completed. People often use cascading selects in order to improve and structure the collection of location names. You might be able to semi-automate the analysis of the collected data after export from ODK in Excel or in more specialized program such as R Studio.