How to setting allows remote clients to download the form from ODK aggregate

I have installed ODK Aggregate in local server, running everything is ok, then I want to using my mobile ODK Collect to download form and submit data. in ODK COLLECT i open the setting menue, and open "Configure platform settings",how can I seting the "URL" AND User name and password.
server platform I selected ODK Aggregate. if I select other platform, How can I known the ODK web formlist address?

When I view my form list ,the address is like below:
but I can't find the address of real list in xml.

You should go with below link might be this will helpful for you.

one question from my side is: Did you chnage settings on server on the ODK Collect in your android phone.


I’m not sure I understand your question. If you have ODK Aggregate, why are you selecting other as a platform type?

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when I selecting other platform ,the setting option will changed ,you can freely change you access list path and submission path.becaus the default path is : /formList. I just want to know, the ODK aggregate default path is what?

thank you reply but the link not using for this question.
I want change setting on server, but on ODK Aggregate web ,I can't found the place where I can setting the path of formList.

remind: In my mind, the dawnload form address just must be like belowing:

Aggregate's form list is going to be at http://myserver:8080/ODKAggregate/formList and the submission list is going to at http://myserver:8080/ODKAggregate/submission. There is no easy way to change these paths in the Aggregate UI.