How to sign up in
I will like to use it to test some odk services. Is their any other online aggregate server other than this one mentioned above?


This is documented at

Thanks for your response @yanokwa .
I wanted to know how to create an account in that site. Whenever I load the page it gives me this warning: "Anyone can take control of this server. Go to the Site Admin tab and change the primary Site Administrator's password now!"
How do I go to site Admin Tab to change password, in this case sign up?
@Batkinson kindly help, How do you edit already data stored in aggregate server with odk form?

Hi @oichirobert, the sandbox is for testing purposes only (not for data collection). In the documentation link @yanokwa gave above it notes:

The Aggregate sandbox server is for demo purposes only. All forms and data on this server are public and are deleted every 24 hours without notice.

You can install your own more secure ODK Aggregate server using a variety of services:

You might also want to explore the new ODK Central server option, documented at and also with documented ways to set up.

For new and different questions please create a new thread in Support.

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@danbjoseph Thanks so much for your support.