How to stop automatic filters on Aggregate


Is there a way to view all submitted forms without it automatically filtering by individual forms?

I'm using ODK aggregate to roll out new monitoring and evaluation systems at my organisation. Data is just starting to come back now - it's just a pilot so it's small amounts of data that I know should be coming in, I know that Form1 should be filled out on X day, so can check Form1 on that day to see if it's been done. As the system is extended, I should have 100s of forms coming in every week - if I can't find a solution, these will mean checking through 50+ different forms to make sure they have been submitted, it would be far easier if I could see all these different forms at once - instead of having to select Form1 or Form2, etc, is there a way of making them all show up in the same place?



Hi Steve,

I don't think there is such an option in ODK Aggregate, but you can look at other solutions, for example:

  1. Use ODK Briefcase to export data from all your forms into csv files, then create an excel 'dashboard' that combines the information you want (e.g. total number of submissions per day). May be a bit of work to set up but could be automated using the command line interface and task scheduler.

  2. Use a service such as SurveyCTO (built on ODK) to host your forms and data. I know they have a feature for monitoring submissions which includes a graph that shows submissions of all forms. However, their community subscription is limited in volume of submissions and their paid plans are not cheap. Not sure if there are (cheaper) alternative services.


Thank you! I'll try Briefcase

That's exactly what I wanted, works perfectly, thank you

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