How To un Install ODK Aggregate on Linux Ubuntu

Dear All,

I am unable to un install ODK Aggregate on linux Ubuntu,

How to un install it by command Line

I have try but still not appropriate,

I use command line like this

"Sudo apt-get remove /ODK\ Aggregate"
message " Unsupported file /ODK Aggregate given on commandline"

"Sudo apt-get purge /ODK\ Aggregate"
message " Unsupported file /ODK Aggregate given on commandline"

how to fix it



Hi Rashida,

There is no ubuntu package for Aggregate, but the install is quite simple.
You need to install apache tomcat ans after that configure Aggregate with the installer before deploy the war file over tomcat.

Here you'll find the step to reproduce with an Ubuntu description :

Hallo Rashida,
As I understand, ODK aggregate runs on tomcat server. You can not uninstall ODK aggregate rather you can undeploy it from the tomcat application server. To do this, find where your tomcat is installed. Inside the tomcat folder go to webapps folder and DELETE ODKAggragate.war file and ODKAggragate folder. In another way, read tomcat documentation on creating manager user account and logon to your tomcat manager console and undeploy from there.

I hope this helps.

Daniel Simiyu.