How to use index-repeat within the repeating group

Hi everyone,
I want to add index-repeat within the repeating group.How can I do? ,see the form bellow and the group name is Member_information
chila.xls (116 KB)
householdlist.csv (70.9 KB)

Hi @godlove

your form is quite big and it's not clear how you can use indexed-repat there so I'll just attach a sample form which uses it and I hope it will help:
choice_name_and_indexed-repeat.xls (7.5 KB)

Hi @Grzesiek2010
I have already got a solution and thank you for your support.

That's great you were able to find out a solution on your own. Please remember to at least add a comment next time because someone might spend much time trying to help you when you don't need that help in fact.

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Sure I will do that.

Hi guys
I need a help please, I have already insert search function in my xls form but could not showing a text field which will help me to find the only one number which I want, it shows the lists number only. How can I do.Lab.xls (29.5 KB)
Memberlist.csv (352 Bytes)