How to use ODK Collect to submit data directly to my Web page

I would like to know how to use ODK Collect to submit data directly to my webpage. Any information on how to do that will be appreciated. Thank you.

The docs have details about two server options: Aggregate and Central.

ODK Central has a fully featured REST API as well as compliant standard APIs for OpenRosa and OData. (docs link).

Do you have specific questions about your intended integration and use case?

Thanks for your guidance, @danbjoseph

I'm not too conversant with ODK Central and OData. However, I already have a domain name and hosting server (not DigitalOcean). Is it possible to do the installation on other servers? My intention is to use ODK Collect to submit data directly to my Web page.
I also want a situation where I can visualize and compare some indicators directly on the website with live submissions coming from the ODK Collect.

The links you provided above are helpful and any other tutorial on live comparison of indicators will be appreciated.

Many thanks.

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Central uses docker for the install (to isolate the components and dependencies) and NGINX. So in theory you should be able to have Central on the same server as your website, but just adjust the NGINX configuration and maybe adjust what ports your different things are using. If you have Central installed on Digital Ocean, you can have your website (wherever it's hosted) pull across the live data using the Central APIs and then visualize it.

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Many thanks, @danbjoseph.
I'll give it try and revert back if get confused.