How to use the relevant feature to hide options

Dear all,
I am new to ODK forms. help.
I am developing a multiple select question and I want it to display based on the selected option.
I want the text for cheese to display when the option of cheese is selected
What I am doing wrong. See what i have:

type name label relevant
select_multiple pizza_toppings or_other favorite_topping Choose your Favorite toppings
text favorite_cheese What is your favorite type of cheese?
selected(${favorite_topping}, ‘cheese’)

list_name name label
pizza_toppings cheese Cheese
pizza_toppings pepperoni Pepperoni
pizza_toppings sausage Sausage
pizza_toppings other Other

Hi Barnabas,

in fact text used for interaction with user

if you want to display the choice in the text then i suggest you use label it support setting value.

Best Regards

For others wanting to build from this, there is a nice example at

Dear Nader, Just for the help. It worked

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Hi @Nader I was looking for a solution to a situation I have with multi select options when I bumped into this conversation. I have 2 multi select type of questions with different choices. is it possible to hide a choice based on a previous choice. in the attached; is it possible to hide the choice 'Slow' in Q2 if the they picked 'Fast' in Q1?
select_multiple.xlsx (11.2 KB)