I can't find the folder to make a PULL through COLLECT DIRECTORY

Hi! I cannot make a PULL through the Collect directory, because the location of my mobile device does not appear. As a solution I copy the folder to the local one, and neither does an X error appear, with the following message “The selected directory does not resemble an ODK Collect storage directory. Please select another directory "HELP SOS !!

Hi @Miriam_Boza

you mean pull using ODK Briefcase right? What version do you use? Did you try copying the odk dir from your device to the computer and then pulling?

you need to make sure to copy the entire "odk" folder from your mobile device to your laptop and not just a subfolder. its not necessary to locate the individual folder of the form which you will export

hi Grzesiek2010, thank you for your answer.
Yes, I am using this version: v117.1. I tried to copy yes, from my device to the computer and it didn't work.

And did you select the entire odk dir in Briefcase?

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OMG!! I just did it now! and it worked!! that was the mistake! thank you so much Grzesiek!!

now, I found a new error. I don't know if you are avaliable to help me: when I try to send an instance from ODK collect , and before I introduced the form manually.

An 404 error appears: ERROR 404: CRE Ejemplo ODK 10 - Error: Generic Exception: Error 404 (404) at https://im.cruzroja.es/fmr/avanzado/submission?devideID=imei%3A352859090493985

what happens?

What do you mean by


Directly, copying the directory and the xml form to my device