I want to connect an ODK form from local android phone to aggregate server without get blank form option

Hi All,
I want to skip the get blank form option in ODK collect app. So I have moved the xml form to the local odk folder in android phone. Then I have tested this with google sheet; it was working without any error. But when I tried to send the data to the aggregate server, I am getting an error " Connection Time Out" at the time of upload. Please help me solve this issue.

Hi @munees_mariappan,

Have you properly defined the server link and username and password in the app?

Also, why would you want to do that? What problem are you trying to avoid?


Hi @dicksonsamwel
Thanks for the quick reply. It's working now.
Actually our form template is fixed and we want to give minimum interface to the users. So there is no point of getting the form from server if we built with the app.