I want to get the longitude and latitude when i click photo from odk collect

I want to get the longitude and latitude when i click photo from odk

Hi Shashank,

My guess is that you want a picture and a location, but you want the
photo's location to be written to a prompt inside Collect? That
currently does not happen and it's a non-trivial change to support
that functionality because ODK's underlying libraries do not make it
easy to write to two prompts (ODK Survey, which is in alpha, makes
this much easier!).

There are also usability issues to consider. For example, if the GPS
has not locked on the satellites, do you prevent the user from taking
a picture unless the GPS accuracy is good? Or do you take a very
inaccurate coordinate and add that to the picture?

One easy workaround is to put separate location and picture prompts on
the same screen (using groups) to make that process easier. You can do
that today in ODK and the user can decide which is more important, and
capture that first.

Another workaround is that if the camera application has location
capabilities, the (sometimes inaccurate) lat/lon ls already be added
to the photo. You can see this if you look through the EXIF data in
the photo downloaded from Aggregate, and you certainly could write a
post-Aggregate app that uses that location data for whatever you'd

If either workaround is inadequate, please file a feature request at


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On Wed, Jun 5, 2013 at 5:44 AM, Shashank Srivastava s4shashank4@gmail.com wrote:

I want to get the longitude and latitude when i click photo from odk


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