Ibrahim Forum 2011 - Facts and Figures

Dear Mr. Borriello,
The Mo Ibrahim Foundation held its annual Ibrahim Forum in Tunis on Sunday 13 November 2011. The focus was on African Agriculture: From Meeting Needs to Creating Wealth. Please follow this link to access the background document produced by the Foundation on this topic:
http://www.moibrahimfoundation.org/en/media/get/20111113_Facts-and-Figures.pdf (4.4MB)
Following the success of this event and given the timeliness of this topic, the Foundation is keen to ensure that all interested stakeholders are able to access the resources from the Forum. Given your important work in this area we hope the document will be of interest and welcome any onward distribution to your networks and colleagues.
We would be glad to send hard copies of the report to your organisation at your request.

Through our combined efforts we hope to place African agriculture at the forefront of the international agenda.

Kind regards,
Vimbai Mutandwa


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