Identify row in repeated section. Indexed-repeat()?

What is the problem? Please be detailed.

I have a repeated section of the form. I need o identify the first and last repeated rows where variable N2213_2 = “3”. I can identify the first because cal1 = 1, but i doesn’t know what cal1 equals on the last row. Any thoughts on this? Someone suggested he use the indexed-repeat() method.

Can you share the relevant section of your XLSForm?

Hi Adam,

Here's the file.

Thanks for your help!NeotestingA.xlsx (11.8 KB)


Since cal1 represents the repeat number when N2213_2 = 3, you could just use min(${cal1}) and max(${cal1}) to identify the first and last repeats where N2213_2 = 3.