I'm running Central on Ubuntu and want to migrate to another server

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Hi , I am running Central server on Docker Ubuntu 20.04.5 LTS and will like to backup and restore on another server, but I am new to odk please help

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If self-hosting it is a good idea to be comfortable with general server administration processes (those that are common across different software). If restoring with a backup, make sure both versions of Central are the same (the original one and the new one). And please fully test the new server before deleting the old one.

Note that the documentation on backups is not updated to include the end of Google Drive backups (read more in the post linked below). The post suggests 3 options for backing up:

Someone else suggests a company called VEEAM for backups.

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Trying to migrate my ODK deployment and its data from AWS to Digital Ocean - #2 by yanokwa has guidance on how to move data from one server to server.

The above link assumes you aren't changing hostnames. If you are, there process is a lot more complicated because you'll have to find and replace the hostnames in the Redis databases that Enketo uses. Email support@getodk.org for assistance with that.

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