Image widget within Location widget

What is the general goal of the feature?
With current version of ODK Collect, the surveyors are not possible to record any field image during the progress of recording GeoTrace data. They have to record images either before or after the progress of GeoTrace.

During a GeoTrace progress (either polygon or polyline), the surveyors need to record several images of the field condition. This feature shall be strongly effective in forest survey, which field pictures shall be used as field evidence.

What can you contribute to making this feature a reality?
My idea is instead of separating Media widgets (Image, Video, Sound, Barcode recording) before or after the Location widget (GeoTrace, GeoShape, GeoPoint), it is better to place this Media widget on the same layout of Location (map) widget with one or two additional buttons. It means, Media widget (if it is configured to work) will be within the layout of Location, that enable surveyors to collect two types of data (spatial data and media data) within one progress.

Please think about this feature request.

Thank you!

one of my friend that is working for bank vendor, doing survey to keep bank's infrastructure working: atm, swipecard payment (anything related to bank).
He was using ODK collect.
About your idea, there is Android apk that able to store the GPS location inside the picture captured with that apk; named "Open Camera".

So, my idea is to let your user capturing image/photo which will including the GPS position. it will shown inside the picture/photo and it GPS data will also embeded (EXIF), so you can validate the jpeg using javascript in phone device, you can also validate the EXIF in jpg in server.

Sorry for my bad english, I hope you have get here a second opinion in grabing GPS+Image, which is NOT: getting image while receiving GPS data, BUT: getting GPS data while receiving images.

Your friend, x2nie.