Images do not appear

Hello everyone!

I have problems adding media files to my survey questionnaire. I don't get any error message, but the pictures do simply not appear, although I put them under forms in a folder called formname-media, and reference the exact file name under the media column in my XLS form. I work with four different languages and have therefore created four media columns. I also added the column default_language (English) in the settings sheet.

I am using ODK collect v1.10.2, on a Samsung Galaxy Tab A, Android.

I have tried to name the media columns media::image::English (instead of media:image:English), but this results in a blank screen. By using media:image:English, all survey questions appear as they should, incl. the note where the picture is supposed to be. I have also tried a version with only one language.
Further, I have tried picture.png instead of picture.jpg, but this does't make a difference.

Apparently I am not allowed to upload files here as a new user. But maybe anyone has an idea or has had a similar problem? Your help is very much appreciated - thanks a lot in advance!

Hi Denise

I am not an expert on this, but have also used images across multiple languages and it seems to work. media::image::language (e.g. English) is definitely the way to go. Note that use of capitals (English or english) will make a difference. One issue I had was that in the xls form cell the image was named 'imagename.jpg' but in the folder on the tablet the image does not need the file type add, so just imagename (no use of jpg).

Does this help?

I have got it to work, but am a novice myself.


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Hi Keith,

thanks a lot for your reply! Unfortunately it still doesn't work. It results in blank screen, although I have followed the hints given here:

If anyone has further suggestions I would be very thankful.

Problem solved! The label columns for the other languages were still empty as translation is not finished yet. Apparently this produced the blanks (although I had put the default_language to English).

Thanks again!

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