Implement full ODK on-premise platform(aggregate, publishing, collect)

What is the problem? Please be detailed.
I want to install a "full stack" on-premise ODK platform. I mean: I need to implement locally the engine to serve forms, the webserver that allows users to fullfill data in the forms(using a web browser or a phone), a xlsforms designers, etc.

I only could run the aggregate VM, I could add a new form(from an XML exported). But I cant publish those forms, neither access from a webclient or a phone.

I almost sure that i don't understand the full map. I cant find a document or help that shows all the components wirking together.
I was investigating a lot of pages, bt a ev
What ODK tool and version are you using? And on what device and operating system version?
I'm using VirtualBOX, with the agregate 1.4.12

Is there any manual or document that describes the installation process?


Hi Alexis!

I'm going to try help you with your problem. Hopefully, we will get everything you need working :wink:

If you already got your VM running, we need to discard a networking issue... I'm assuming that you have installed Collect into a phone and you're trying to push some instances into Aggregate? This will only work if the phone can "see" the address of your Aggregate instance. This commonly means two things:

  • Your VM's network device has to be configured in Bridge mode
  • Your computer and your phone must be on the same network

Also, remember to configure a username and a password for your Aggregate server on Collect. By default, the VM uses "aggregate" both as username and password.

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Thanks a lot Guillermo.

Because the VM is in a lab environment, I can't access it from me cellphone. Then I had installed an Android emulator in the VM host and finally could connect the ODK Collect to the aggregate, then i did some collects.

Eventhough I could collect data and I understand how the team will work(collecting data), I don't understand yet the function of Google Tables, for example.

could you help me with this?

thanks again.

Great! I'm glad that you finally got it working :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, I'm also a newbie and I haven't used yet Google Fusion Tables with ODK... Maybe you could browse previous posts the forum about it or open a new post with a title/tags that get the attention of some other forum user that knows about this...

Google Fusion Tables helps you to manipulate your Data afterwards... link informations from different Forms and analyze them in charts, maps and so on.

For Non-Private Data it is a good thing and really easy.
Google has 2 different models of accounts. The free one you pay with your Data, google can use it for whatever they want.
The GSuite Account is paied and for this google ensures privacy of the data.
The Publishing from Aggregate to Google only works with free/unprivate google accounts.
So if you have sensitive data you should not use the publish function but ODK Briefcase or another way to get your data out.